Bokrelease: Ethnicity & Old Age: Expanding our Imagination

  • Date: –17:00
  • Location: Engelska parken House 22, room 22-1017
  • Lecturer: Sandra Torres, Ph.D. Professor of Sociology & Chair of Social Gerontology, as well as Scientific Leader (w-Prof. Hannah Bradby) of the Research Group on Welfare and Lifecourse at the Dept. of Sociology of Uppsala University.
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  • Organiser: Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR)
  • Contact person: jeannette escanilla
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Part of the Ageing in a Global Context series, this book proposes a new research agenda for scholarship that focuses on ethnicity, race and old age. It argues that in a time of increased international migration, population ageing and ethno-cultural diversity, scholarly imagination must be expanded as current research frameworks are becoming obsolete.

By bringing attention to the way that ethnicity and race have been addressed in research on ageing and old age, with a focus on health inequalities, health and social care, intergenerational relationships and caregiving, the book proposes how research can be developed in an ethnicity astute and diversity informed manner.


“This book is both ambitious and timely, linking scholarship from the intersection of gerontology and race/ethnicity studies in three domains: health inequalities, health and social care, and social relations and caregiving as the foundation for developing theory and a future research agenda.” Christina Victor, Brunel University

“This is the most stimulating book for thinking in different and innovative ways about the relationship between ethnicity, race and old age. Sandra Torres invites us to go beyond traditional categories of analysis and to expand our imagination to face current research challenges." Claudio Bolzman, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland

“By setting ethnicity and old age in the context of discovery, this book challenges the common views within Social Gerontology of how these issues will intersect in so many people's lives. With impressive analytical clarity, Sandra Torres expands a field of knowledge that for such a long time has been neglected within Social Science.” Erik Olsson, Stockholm University